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Minimal design and simple setup define Palo Alto. Let photography drive the design with striking full-banner images, videos, and large product photos that look sleek across devices. The simple theme setup will allow you to quickly build a beautiful and robust site. The elegant and expansive home page will enable you as a small or medium-sized store to showcase your products and tell your story. A great support team and a dedicated forum have your back as you build your site.
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Presets are alternate designs which are included in the theme. Palo Alto has 3 presets.
Alpine Webflow Template
Built on Webflow's new CMS, the Apine template sends a message through its visual experience and minimal styling. Alpine enables creative professionals to let their works speak for themselves. (Currently under review by Webflow)

Design Brief

Full banner media section

The hero section distinguishes itself from other themes with the inclusion of the site tagline and description above the hero image. This positioning instantaneously informs the user of the site's value proposition. In addition to a full banner photo, a merchant can enable a background video with a Vimeo or YouTube link.

Product features section

Layout 1: Photo overlap

The Product features section is the most unique section in Palo Alto. It enabled merchants with just a few product in their shop to discuss the product with a flexible photo layout which accommodates 1,2,3, or 4 images as well as a descriptive text. The image overlap guides users from one product feature to the next.

Layout 2: Parallel photos

The parallel photo layout reduces white space and creates a clear division between the photos. It is also slightly less radical than the overlap option and can therefore appeal to a wider range of merchants.

Layout 3: Single photo layout

The simplest of the three layouts, the single photo layout vertical aligns the text and photo and moves them closer to one another.

Featured product section

The Featured product section is intended largely for single product shops. The product photo and title are large enough such that the user can process this important information on first glance.

Featured content section

The Featured content section featured content pulled from user-selected Shopify page as well as an image and a video. The latter two elements are optional. A light gray overlay behind the text block adds contrast.

Product Grid

The dead-simple product grid shows only the essentials, the product photo, title, and description. The element also has the option to add product link buttons.

Testimonials section

The Testimonials section features an Instagram integration in the center with two testimonials on each side. When a user hovers over the Instagram photo, the photo's caption appears. User testimonials provide social verification of the product.

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