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Built on Webflow's CMS, the Alpine template enables photography studios to let their works speak for themselves. The first section on the page grabs with user's attention with it's natural flow and unique layout. Directly below it is the project features section which showcases a project's photos and descriptions in a symmetrical grid. Other pages included in the template are Project, Blog, Article, About, and Contact pages.
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Alpine Webflow Template
Built on Webflow's new CMS, the Apine template sends a message through its visual experience and minimal styling. Alpine enables creative professionals to let their works speak for themselves. (Currently under review by Webflow)

Design Brief

Hero section

The hero section has two notable features, the staggered site description text and the two images on the right. The staggered site description is meant to follow how the user reads the screen: from the top left to the bottom right of the screen. The photos are staggered to create a division between the two photos and to lead the user's eye down to the next section of the page.

Featured projects section

The template is intended for photography studios therefor this section is of particular importance. The section fills the height of the screen and shows 4 images in a symmetrical grid. Adjacent to the images is the project's description and a link out to the project page.

Featured blog post

The Featured blog post is located at the bottom of the page to encourage user interaction. It is minimal in styling and let's the article photo speak for itself.

Testimonials section

The Testimonials section provides social validation. The prominent position of the logo lets the user instantly know the source of the view. The content of the testimonial, accented by a white background, follows it in a natural progression.

About page

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